Answers to the three most common questions about #vanlife

Vanlife is a pretty demanding way of life. Invariably, when someone brings up this way of life, they end up being asked three main questions. I’m just going to get my answers to these three questions out of the way at the start of this website’s existence so it’s always there to reference.

How do you make money while doing vanlife?

Once you aren’t tied down by a particular location, you’ll find that the job market actually opens up. The great thing about having a home that is mobile is that you can move to wherever the opportunity is without being concerned about breaking a lease. The digital nomad lifestyle is meant to open doors, and if it doesn’t – you’re doing it wrong.

I guess people are wondering how I, The Vanlife Coach, make money in particular. I am a writer and I specialize in providing writing and editing services online from the comfort of my van – or from the comfort of a library which my van is parked next to.

Where do you shower while doing vanlife?

Vanlife is about being in nature and bathing in secluded hot springs and clear running streams, right? Maybe… if you’re boondocking in the middle of nowhere. Otherwise, the rest of us take advantage of the established trend of 24 hour access gym franchises with access-any-location premium memberships. Another possibility for the I-can’t-do-public-showers type is the solar shower and pop-up shower tent combo.

I prefer the gym route and the options are endless, highly geographically dependent, and usually have names that sound something along the lines of “blank fitness” or “blank gym.” Geez, those names are almost as unimaginative as “The Vanlife Coach.”

Do you miss home while doing vanlife?

Having lived in over a dozen different physical houses and apartments around the United States prior to committing to the vanlife, I can’t say that I view the concept of home the same as most people. Sure, in the earlier parts of my life, I was able to rationalize things by saying that “home” is wherever my parents are. As I get older, the less this answer satisfies me as an individual. The answer is actually very simple: I never miss home because I’m often within walking distance of my home. My van is my home and here I shall coach you on the first, free piece of advice that the community has given to me: This lifestyle means you are “houseless, not homeless.”

With this basic FAQ, I bid thee adieu.

— The Vanlife Coach

aka the last life coach you’ll ever need.